Linrose pledge

At Linrose, we’ve carried this forward since our doors first opened in 2007. As we look to the future, we recognize the opportunity to ensure our brand, both visually and verbally, represents our vision, mission, and core values.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new look and company values.  You’ll find much of what we’re saying and doing are the same, but we’re eager to share the heart of what drives us – our passion and our commitment to you and our company’s future.

At Linrose, we OWN IT

Our business runs on relationships. You – our customers, colleagues and partners – need to know that our word is as true and as strong as the steel we provide. In our new marketing materials, you’ll see those relationships front and center, along with our commitment and dedication to helping you get the job done – on time and on budget.

In fact, this pledge is something of a rally cry among our coworkers. Tour our plant and you might just overhear a conversation between colleagues to “own it” and see posters with the same encouragement. Because, here, it’s all about responsibility and capability; it’s about backing up our promises with actions and being true to each other and our word. It’s why we OWN IT:


  • We put Our people and customers first.
  • We honor our Word.
  • We Nimbly solve problems.
  • We are Innovative and embrace our entrepreneurial spirit.
  • We Take responsibility for our actions and contributions.

    Looking forward to a bright future

    We believe that our new strategic plan and updated brand captures this spirit and our commitment to ourselves and our customers. It also challenges us to be forward-focused so that when you find yourself with a simple or complex need, you’ll find us ready to answer the call.